Get exactly 3 gallons of water-Easy Game Answer

Easy game Get exactly 3 gallons of water Answer & Solution

Get exactly 3 gallons of water Easy game answer, hint, and detailed solution. Easy Game – Brain Test & Tricky Mind Puzzle is a top-rated game to test your IQ, memory, intelligence, problem-solving skills, and creativity. The levels aren’t that hard, but they’re still challenging enough to the point where you don’t get bored. An excellent brain teaser game for mind development and sharp memory that you can play with your family. Easy game is an ingenious puzzle to Increase your visual processing & Test your savvy, imagination, and logic skills. Here you will get a detailed image hint.

Get exactly 3 gallons of water easy game Answer:

Easy game Get exactly 3 gallons of water

Step 1: Take the 9 gallons bucket from the river. give 5 gallons to bottle, bucket now have 4 gallons (9-5=4).

Step 2: Empty bottle by tapping it and again fill 4 gallons from the bucket, bottle will have 4 gallons.

Step 3: fill the bucket again, And pour that into the bottle, (bottle have 1 gallon Space) so now bucket will be left with 8 gallons.

Step 4: Empty the bottle, and fill the bottle from the bucket (which have 8 gallons water) so the bottle will have 5 gallons and Bucket will Have 8-5=3 gallons (required)

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