Easy game Daily Challenge May 2 Answers

Daily Challenge 2 May stage 1 2 3 Easy game

Daily challenge Answer may 2, 2020 Easy game answer, hint, and detailed solution. Easy Game – Brain Test & Tricky Mind Puzzle is a top-rated game to test your IQ, memory, intelligence, problem-solving skills, and creativity. The levels aren’t that hard, but they’re still challenging enough to the point where you don’t get bored. An excellent brain teaser game for mind development and sharp memory that you can play with your family. Easy game is an ingenious puzzle to Increase your visual processing & Test your savvy, imagination, and logic skills. Here you will get a detailed image hint of all 3 stages of this day.

2 May easy game Answer:

Dunk The basketball
Hint: Cut the pole by swiping on the pole, then use the right button and jump to dunk the basketball.

Solve the math problem 72-15=?
Hint: We know 72-15=57

But we can only enter one digit, So Enter 5 and borrow 7 from the ’72’ by dragging on the 7 and use it after 57. See image below:

Turn on the TV
Hint: Swipe over remote to flip it, then put the batteries in the remote.

Then check for the plug, Slide screen towards right to check the wire, plug the Cable in socket then press power button on the remote.

Note: You can find all the daily challenges Answers in one page: Click the button below to find remaining levels:

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