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Easy Game Answers All Levels:

Easy game answers, hint, and detailed solutions are provided here. Easy Game – Brain Test & Tricky Mind Puzzle is a top-rated game to test your IQ, memory, intelligence, problem-solving skills, and creativity. The levels aren’t that hard, but they’re still challenging enough to the point where you don’t get bored. Scroll through the table to find all levels.

How to search Specific level in table
If your level is Wake up the elephant

Then you can type wake or elephant in the search box to get the required level.

Search this table Here ⇑

which is lighter?
which of the planets is the largest?
Grow a flower
How many Apple are there?
Select the largest Snowman
guess the card
cross the river
Which glass contains the most water
How many facets does this diamond have
What will you take with you to survive the zombie apocalypse
Find number 9
Which hand is the coin in? Easy Game Answer
Wake him up Easy Game Answer
Assemble a dog Easy Game Answer
What time is it now? Easy Game Answer
Help John Easy Game Answer
Blow out all the candles Easy Game Answer
Let the bird out
Count the coins the wallet
Build a tower from these shapes
Find a fish
Assemble a bird.-Easy Game
Why is he so surprised-Easy Game
Which one is a mermaid?-Easy Game
Save the snails-Easy Game
Remove the piano-Easy Game
Feed the kitten-Easy Game
Complete the puzzle (Caveman)-Easy Game
There is a waterfall ahead. Rescue the snail-Easy Game
Which balloon will pop first if you release them into the air-Easy Game
Select six bananas
Lift the kettlebell
How many watermelons are there?
Wake the kitten up
Who’ll be the first to open the safe?
Find the objects
How many leaves does the tree have?
Who ate the fish?
Help the snail win!
What is the maximum number of parts you can split the moon into with two cuts
Help the woman find her glasses
You need this rare coin
Complete the egg
Find a strange dice
Heal the frog
Heads or tails?
Save the masterpiece
Don’t get sunburn
The cat has been playing with balls of yarn. Tidy up
Wake up the elephant
Beat Dave at dice
Cheer him up
The sum of which three numbers equals 17?
What will the size of the angle become?
Reach the exit after collecting all the coins.
Find your way out on the first try
Score 15 with all the dice
Reach the exit
Count 15 seconds
Position the missing objects
What will the artist paint
How do you reach both houses on time?
Cool off!
Answer the phone
Place numbers in the circles so that the sum of the numbers in each line equals 8
Count the triangles
What color will their kitten be
Find three wrong cards
Put watermelon on each table.
Stop when the necessary sequence is shown
Ten candles were burning in the room. Some of them were blown out. How many candles remained?
Assemble a burger
Get rid of the troublesome fleas
Which mountain was the highest in the world before Everest was discovered?
Find something that cannot be bought
Pick up the coin
Touch the painting
Guess who this person is based on the things he uses
Close the image
Can you hack the code?
Complete the snowflake
Which chest contains gold?
Protect The Chick
Toss a coin to your buddy
Restore the supply of electricity
Create a matching key
Score 12 with all the dice
Turn on the light
Destroy the fortress with three shots
Whose party is it
How many letters have you received?
Who has eaten the carrot
Assemble the burgers
Help catch the criminal
Knit the scarf on time
Buy the best house
Pop the balloons
Where is the camera looking from?
Find a fake coin
Place all the T shapes in the field
Activate the hourglass
Learn the code
Grow a tree
Complete the barbarian’s tasks
What is this shape?
How many rabbits are there in the hat?
Place all shapes in the area above them
Help the barbarian win the race
Create the biggest number by moving two matches
A rabbit can pick two carrots per minute
What number can you see?
Leave the bathroom
Awaken the volcano
Make something edible
Select all the cubes
Turn on all the light bulbs
How many numbers can you see?
Remove three wrong cards from the pack
Complete the barbarian’s tasks
What is the missing number? 16 06 68 88 98
Make a triangle
Find a kitten
An elephant can eat 3 bales of hay every 8 minutes
Can you solve this simple problem?
Help the child complete the snowman
What is the missing number? 176 159 144 130 117 ???
Catch a fish
Swap the white and black rabbits
Stop the invasion of ants
Remove the mermaid’s curse
Get exactly 3 gallons of water
Get to Mars
Why has the police officer arrested this criminal
Buy a ring from the merchant at a discount
You’ve lost the key to your house. What do you do
How much water does the cloud contain
Stop the barbarian
Prepare these drinks
The boy has dropped his ice cream. Make him laugh
Rescue this man
Reach the flower
What is the barbarian’s weakness
Find a gem on the first try
Who is the tallest at this party?
Make time last forever
The prisoner is guarding the chest. How do you distract him
Make them happy
The boy can’t find his way home, he got lost in the forest
Guess who is knocking on the door
Guess where the king is
Who lives in the flat
Find all the circles
Help the snail reach the exit
How should the gold be shared
How will you get into the fortress
What does the police officer want
Who stole the diamond an hour ago
Plant a money tree
What can you see?
Which egg is the chick in
The artist forgot his paint. Help him!
Conjure a rabbit from the hat
Hit the magician
What’s on the lakebed
Get out of the well
Reach the exit after collecting all the coins, Swipe to move
Who is this
Help the little ant get home
Find all of the biker’s tattoos
Make the equation correct 12345
Arrest all the criminals
Find the missing exit
Help this elderly woman finish her scarf
Help the barbarian escape
Help the Barbarian get a date
Solve the mathematical problem
Where are all these people going
Jump over the black cube
What color is the car
Put all the apples into the bucket
Reconcile the employees
Don’t fall into the pit
Perform a trick
Launch the rocket into space
How many pieces can you cut the pizza into with just two cuts
There are 4 floor in the house, which floor does the lift go most often?
Place all the shapes according to the rules
Fix the sign
Which of the flowers are real?
Place all the shapes in the empty area
What picture will be created?
Solve the problem
Help the cats get home
Mary’s mother has 5 daughters-Julia Anna Olga Kate, What’s the name of the 5th daughter?
Place all shapes in the empty area
If this digit is flipped over it reduces by 3
Fix three of drivers mistakes
Make the equation correct (Banana=Apple)
Water the lion
Collect 100 coins in the piggy bank
What is the hidden shape?
Find the biggest number
Save the knight!
Cope with the chaos
Make it rain
Save both acrobats
Start a party!
Wind balls of yar
Find gold
Find something to eat
Help the couple warm up
Find your lunch box
Color the carrot
Choose the best ring
Create a shape with the maximum number of angles
How do you enter the shop?
What is in the black box?
Don’t let the burglar rob your house!
Help find the lost boy
Who robbed the bank?
Prepare the financial report
Kill the virus
Which object is closest to us?
Help the wizard disappear
Help the driver get over the abyss
Which bills are you going to pick up?
Which of the paintings is fake?
Select 3 black horses
What is she dreaming of?
Charge the batteries using electricity
Help the magician make the kettlebells vanish
Break the record
Stop the robbery!
Find a secret door
Make the boxer in the red shorts win
Buy the largest watermelon
What is the next number in the sequence 3 6 12 21 33 ?
Follow the sign to find the way out
What’s the answer? Banana Apple watermelon
How do you make a hexagon
Complete the puzzle (Chick)
What time does clock 5 show?
George and Alice arrange to meet in the third train car. George has counted train cars from the back of the train while Alice-from the front. Will they end up in the same train car?
What comes next?
There are 4 floors above Irene’s apartment and 3 floors below it
Solve the problem (Fish pot)
Make room on the sofa for the cat
Find a suspicious character
Take the red cube without ruining the tower
Place these people in the correct order
Place the tourist attractions in the correct cities
Pop the balloon
Take the coins out of the money box
Get the jackpot
Who is going to leave the concert
How many cables can be used
Help Johnny find his dog
Cross the road
Make the king laugh
Get the man at the back of the line quickly to the counter
Find 10 virus molecules
What’s its name
How can the girl avoid an unpleasant conversation
Get into the shop
Collect 5 apples.
Find the objects, One object is missing. Slipper egg bottle key.
Light all the bulbs
Pick 10 Mushrooms
Get The Mouse out of the hole
Help the sweethearts meet
How many apples does the boy have?
Hit the target.
Find The Right Key
Lure the fireflies to the left of the screen
Select 4 Triangles
Help the Children get the gift
Turn Off Both TVs
Help the stable boy take part in the tournament.
Fill all the empty holes with the shapes.
Warm Up the Dog
Multiply the sum of all digits by 2 and enter the result
Tap the countries in order from smallest to biggest
Count the apples growing on the tree
Keep the ball above the paddle for 5 seconds
Buy the Apple
Make the red gear rotate clockwise
Find a ghost
Lift the helicopter into the air
Dunk The basketball
Solve the math problem 72-15=?
Turn on the TV
Lift the cow
Steal all the sheep from the cyclops
Enter the number covered by the hand
What number is hidden
Take the sword from the stone
Select all the stars
Find all the cubes in the picture
Score a Goal-Daily challenge
Solve the problem and get “two” as the answer 9-7
Tap all the fruits at the same time
Count to seven
Tap in the following order: Apple banana carrot watermelon
Melt the Icicles
Get the candy down
Cross the railroad
The Superhero needs to change his cloths, Help him keep his secret identity
Bring Joy to the baby
Make the dog jump
Make 1405 from these roman numerals
Catch the mouse
Reach the coin in the middle
Score a point
Turn on the TV (3 Remotes)
Cook the vegetables
How many Dolls-Easy Game May 6 stage 1
How many Dolls-Easy Game May 6 stage 2
Which line has the most letters?-Easy Game May 6 stage 3
What Number Comes Next 222 216 207 198-Easy Game May 7 stage 1
Add the lightest things to the jar-Easy Game May 7 stage 2
Win the game-Easy Game May 7 stage 3
Pet the puppy without waking it up-Easy Game April 18 stage 1
Tap the character in following order: 3 1 2 5 E April 18 stage 2
Get the piglet some water April 18 stage 3
Find all of these part on the plane below April 17 stage 1
Finish the game April 17 stage 2
Find the coin April 17 stage 3
Make a copy of the painting April 16 stage 1
Color the painting April 16 stage 2
Help the snail grab 3 coins-Easy Game April 16 stage 3
Help the number 2 runner win April 15 stage 1
Create a matching painting April 15 stage 2
Completely toast the bread April 15 stage 3
Break only the red blocks April 14 stage 1
Help the painter with his self-portrait April 14 stage 2
Decorate all the snowmen with the carrots April 14 stage 3
Boil the water April 13 stage 1
Find and tap the shapes that match those shown in the Top-April 13 stage 2
Break the indestructible blocks April 13 stage 3
Checkmate in one move May 8 stage 1
Soak the character May 8 stage 2
Which dot is the smallest? May 8 stage 3
Move the kettlebell April 12 stage 1
Find 6 squares April 12 stage 2
Cut up the entire cucumber April 12 stage 3
Take the bone from the dog April 11 stage 1
Place the square into the hole April 11 stage 2
Place the shapes in the rectangle April 11 stage 3
Solve the sum 3+2 April 10 stage 1
Fill both glasses at the same time April 10 stage 2
Get the lizard out of the maze April 10 stage 3
Balance the scale April 9 stage 1
Move the ball through the gears to the finish April 9 stage 2
How many eyes does a person have? April 9 stage 3
Easy game Daily Challenge May 9 Answers
Which two letters of alphabet are the most used in an office? Easy game
Make the equation true [ ]+7-3+7+3=25 May 9 stage 2
Put the bat to sleep May 9 stage 3
Easy game Daily Challenge May 10 Answers
Cut the pizza into 8 equal slices may 10 stage 1
Help the snail Grab the coin May 10 stage 2
Please Tap HERE to go to the next level May 10 stage 3
Easy game Daily Challenge May 11 Answers
Build a rocket from these Shapes May 11 stage 1
How many Bunnies are there? May 11 stage 2
Add up all the number 8 May 11 stage 3
Easy game Daily Challenge May 12 Answers
Choose the cup with the ball under it May 12 stage 1
Collect the coin May 12 stage 2
Open the Key shop May 12 stage 3
Knock down all of the pins Answer
Complete the picture-Level 246
Remove the odd object-Level 247
who are all these people-Level 248
Solve the equation 7+(28/4)-2+4 Level 249
Help him get past the security guard-Level 250
Get the snail to the exit-Level 251
Leave the office unnoticed-Level 252
Buy the potato and carrot-Level 253
Who lives in this house-Level 254
Easy game Daily Challenge May 13 Answers
Build a mask from these Shapes May 13 stage 1
How many ants are there? May 1 stage 2
Complete the Sequence 2 3 5 7 11 May 1 stage 2
Easy game Daily Challenge May 14 Answers
Feed all the rabbits May 14 stage 1
Turn the lights off May 14 stage 2
Cool off the beachgoers May 14 stage 3
Easy game Daily Challenge May 15 Answers
Select the largest piece of cheese May 15 stage 1
Complete the sequence 0 3 3 12 21 May 15 stage 3
Build a Fish from these Shapes May 15 stage 2
Easy game Daily Challenge May 16 Answers
Get A Jackpot May 16 stage 1
Catch the toast May 16 stage 2
Feed All the baby Birds May 16 stage 3
Easy game Daily Challenge May 17 Answers
Build a Crab from these shapes May 17 stage 1
Make Vegetable soup May 17 stage 2
Solve the formula (lemon+pineapple=4) May 17 stage 3
Daily Challenge May 18 Answers
Untangle the lines-Easy Game May 18 stage 1
Water the Flowers-Easy Game May 18 stage 2
Erase the Blot-Easy Game May 1 stage 2
Easy game Daily Challenge May 19
Solve the formula-Easy Game May 19 stage 1
Untangle The lines May 19 stage 2
Build a pyramid from these shapes May 19 stage 3
Easy game Daily Challenge May 20 Answers
Clear Out the smoke-Easy Game May 20 stage 1
Your boss want a coffee this color-Easy Game May 20 stage 2
Fill the glass with soda-Easy Game May 20 stage 3
Easy game Daily Challenge May 21 Answers
Build Two bridged Tower From these shapes-Easy Game May 21 stage 1
Solve the formula 3+5+2+4-Easy Game May 21 stage 2
Get the medal-Easy Game May 21 stage 3

If you have any problem regarding the answers or any of the levels are missing, then please comment. I will help you as soon as possible.

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